Account activity print-out $3.00
Account balancing assistance (per hour) $25.00
Account Research (per hour;minimum 1 hour) $25.00
ATM (Customer/after 3 withdrawals from foreign ATM) $2.00
ATM (Non-customer withdrawal) $3.00
Chargeback $7.50
Cashier's Check  
  (Customers only) Excluding club members $10.00
Check Cashing (Non-customers)  
  1% of check amount $25.00 plus
Collection Fee  (charged to accounts overdrawn 30 days or more) $15.00
Collections items (charged for items sent for collection to other financial institutions) $20.00
Coin & Currency Deposit Business Customers Only (Fee Assessed based on account type) $.10 per $100
Copies (per page) $0.50
Counter check paid $2.00
Daily overdraft fee/per day $2.00
Dormant account fee (balance under $500) $10.00
Duplicate Statements $2.00
Early closing fee  (within 90 days of opening date on deposit) $15.00
Faxing fee $5.00
Garnishment Fee $75.00
Government check cashing (Non-customer) $10.00
Insufficient Funds  
  Paid $35.00
  Returned $35.00
Medallion Stamp (customer only) $25.00
Money Orders $5.00
Notary services (customers only) no charge
Reissue lost instrument (Certificate of Deposit/Cashier check) $50.00
Replace loan coupon book $5.00
Replace lost ATM/debit card $5.00
Safe deposit boxes Size and price varies
Safe deposit box drill $150.00
Safe deposit box key $50.00
Special statement cut-off $10.00
Statement Reprint $5.00
Stop payments (all items) $35.00
Sweep agreement fee (fee charged for each sweep) $5.00
Tax Levy Fee $75.00
Telephone transfers $5.00
Undeliverable statements $5.00
Wire transfers (customers only) in $15.00
  Out (customer only) $30.00
  International In (customer only) $25.00
  International Out (customer only) $50.00