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Certificate of Deposit

First United Security Bank can structure a certificate of deposit* account to fit your individual needs. We offer competitive, fixed and variable rates of interest with a variety of maturity options. Please call for current interest rates.


Our Fixed Rate CD – Based on your needs, a fixed rate CD with terms from 90 days to five years may be right for you. You may decide to purchase several CDs at varying terms to stagger when your money will be available. We take measures to remain as competitive as possible on our CD interest rates. All fixed rate CDs require a $500 minimum deposit

Bump Up

For a limited time we are offering a Bump-Up CD. This certificate of deposit is offered in 24 month and 36 month terms. It allows customers to make a one time bump up in their rate during the term. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to open this account and additional deposits can be made to this CD in increments of $100. Please check with your nearest branch for availability and interest rates.

Candle Power

Our Candle Power CD - The longer it takes to count the candles on your birthday cake, the more you benefit. Another candle on your birthday cake is reason to celebrate. We reward our customers for being older and wiser. This bright candle power CD has a 26, 39 or 52 month term and works in your favor no matter what your age. You’ll automatically earn a competitive rate of interest, plus extra interest for each candle on your birthday cake. This CD is available to current customers, and a $5,000 minimum deposit is required. See? It pays to be older and wiser.


You can have access to multi-million dollars in FDIC insurance coverage in CD Deposits. To learn more, contact one of our customer service representatives for all the details.

Click here to view an informational video on CDARS.

*Federal regulations require a penalty for early withdrawal on all certificates of deposit.