In the Community


We consider it a privilege to support local causes/events by airing radio spots to promote awareness of upcoming events. More than 95% of our radio time is taken to herald the causes of these groups in and around our service areas. There are no strings attached. This is a gift, a thank you for what you do to make a difference.

To request this gift, please provide a flier about your upcoming event or a brochure about your organization, as well as a contact name, number and email address. Radio advertising works best when we have at least 30 days of air time leading up to the day of your event. We will work with you directly to help with the success of your cause/event. Information about your event can be forwarded to our marketing department through any of our branch personnel.

Though the bank does not promote specific individuals or churches, it does support organizations that assist or benefit the needs of individuals and churches. If you are requesting other support in addition to radio advertising, please provide us with a letter on your organization’s letterhead stating organization name, address, date, tax identification number and your specific request.