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Robert Stephen Briggs

Robert Stephen Briggs

Chairman of the Board of Directors for First US Bancshares, Inc. and First US Bank
President, Chief Executive Officer, Longevity Quest, Inc.
Mr. Briggs is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 2008, after his retirement from Protective Life Corporation, he founded Petra Life Services, Inc. in Birmingham, which provides insurance,financial and investment consulting services, and he currently serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Briggs has over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, serving as a field agent, general manager and company executive, and he holds several certifications and licenses. Having been elected in 2014, his vastbusiness experience, along with his involvement in several organizations, will contribute greatly to the Board.
Andrew Bearden

Andrew C. Bearden, Jr.

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors for First US Bancshares, Inc. and First US Bank
Certified Public Accountant; Manager of BEACO Consulting, LLC.
Mr.Bearden practices as a Certified Public Accountant and offers consulting services through BEACO Consulting, LLC, in Thomasville, Alabama. He has served extensively at the executive level in the banking industry and has a wide range of accounting, financial, capital markets, and risk assessment skills to USBI. Mr. Bearden's extensive prior experience in the banking industry, specifically his experience and leadership roles with two public companies, and other executive management experience and skills, provide valuable insight and expertise to the Board of Directors.
Sheri Cook

Sheri S. Cook

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Altec, Inc.
Ms.Cook is currently employed by Altec, Inc. in Birmingham as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources.From April 2008 to July 2013, she servedas Altec’s Director of Corporate Finance.Previously, Ms.Cook worked in the corporatefinance, internal audit, and investor relations departments of Protective Life Corporation, and also for Kinetic Partners, LLC and Sonat, Inc. She is involved with several boards and organizations.Elected in 2014, Ms.Cook’s business experience will be an important factor to the Board.
John Gordon

John C. Gordon

President, Forest Services, Inc.; President, SS&J Land Company, Inc.
Mr. Gordon is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and has been self-employed, performing forestry, timberland and investment services for Forest Services, Inc. (land management) since 1994 and for SS & J Land Co., Inc.since 1998.He has been a director since 1997.Mr.Gordon's business management, investment and risk assessment skills obtained from his leadership of these companies and his experience in the forestry business are all valuable to the Board of Directors.
David Hale

David P. Hale

Professor of Management Information Services (MIS) in the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration and the Manderson Graduate School of Management at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
William Harrison

William G. Harrison

Retired Timber Settlements and Records Manager, Linden Lumber Company
Mr. Harrison served as Timber Settlements and Records Manager for Linden Lumber Company from 1999 until his retirement in 2008. For 20 years prior to his position at Linden Lumber Company, he was Chief Executive Officer and sole owner of Bedsole Dry Goods, a department store consisting of department and varietystores.Mr.Harrison's extensive business experience, specifically his understanding of accounts management and credit and collection risk, contributes greatly to the Board of Directors.
James House

James F. House

President, Chief Executive Officer of First US Bancshares, Inc. and First US Bank
Mr. House joined the company in 2011 as President and CEO bringing with him approximately 40 years of banking experience. Most recently he served as Division President for a community bank with over $2 billion in assets and 51 branches. Prior to that time he held an executive management position with a $53 billion bank headquartered in Alabama. His significant experience in bank management, commercial and consumer lending, risk management and investments contributes greatly to the Board of Directors.
John McPhearson

J. Lee McPhearson

County Attorney, Choctaw County, Alabama
Mr. McPhearson is an attorney, currently practicing in Butler, Alabama. He also serves as County Attorney for Choctaw County, Alabama. From 1995 until 2002, Mr. McPhearson served as Circuit Judge for the First Judicial Circuit of the State of Alabama and previously served from 1981 until 1987 as District Attorney for the First Judicial Circuit. Mr. McPhearson is actively involved in timber and real estate enterprises. His legal experience as a practitioner, which involved some representation and advising of business entities, as well as his knowledge and understanding of the communities served by USBI and First US Bank gained through his time on the bench, all contribute greatly to the Board of Directors.
Jack Meigs

Jack W. Meigs

Retired Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial Circuit of the State of Alabama
Mr. Meigs has served as Circuit Judge for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of the State of Alabama since 1991. Mr. Meigs' extensive legal experience in the local area, both as a practitioner and as a judge, provides him with a wide range of management skills and knowledge on topics important to business, which contributes greatly to the composition of the Board of Directors.
Aubrey Miller

Aubrey S. Miller

SVP and Chief Development Officer of YMCA of Greater Birmingham
Retired Executive Director AL Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Mr. Miller has served as Executive Director of the Alabama Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Birmingham since 2009. From 2005 to 2008, he was employed as President and Chief Development Officer of the Baptist Health Foundation in Birmingham. While with the Baptist Health Foundation, Mr. Miller was responsible for reorganizing and restructuring the Foundation. He has been involved in several professional and community organizations. Having been elected in 2014, Mr. Miller’s leadership and experience will be important to the Company’s Board."
Donna Smith

Donna D. Smith

Retired Vice President of Human Resources and Ethics, Alabama Power Company
Ms. Smith, upon her retirement in February 2014 from Alabama Power, served as the Vice President of Human Resources and Ethics. She was employed by Alabama Power Company or Southern Company for over 25 years and also served on the Board of the Alabama Power Company Foundation. She has participated in several civic and professional organizations and groups. With her extensive business experience, Ms. Smith will be an asset to the Company having been elected to the Board in 2014.
Bruce Wilson

Bruce N. Wilson

Senior Partner, Law Firm of Wilson, Drinkard & Dolbare, LLC
Mr. Wilson is a senior partner in the law firm of Wilson & Drinkard in Grove Hill, Alabama where he has worked since 1993. Through his law practice, Mr. Wilson has represented and continues to represent business and corporate clients throughout all phases of their operations. He counsels clients on various real estate, industrial, economic development, budgetary and auditing issues. Mr. Wilson's experience and understanding of these issues enable him to provide valuable insight to the Board of Directors.